Name: Sorin Boriceanu

sorin boriceanu

Year of Birth: 1980

Place of birth: Bucharest
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 68kg

Heart Rate min/max: 28 bpm/188 bpm

Bachelor of Science, Physical Education and Sport from the ANEFS, Bucharest (2007)
Master Degree in Managment of Sport from the National University of Physical Education and Sport (2009)

World Triathlon Level II Coach since 2017

Training per week:
Swimming: 4-6 sessions (25-30km)
Cycling: 3-4 sessions (8-12 hours)
Running: 4-5 sessions (4-6 hours)
Cross trainer: 2 sessions (1 hour)
Strength and stability training: 3 sessions (2-3 hours)

Total amount of triathlon training in training weeks: 15-25 hours
Total amount of triathlon training in race weeks: 12-16 hours

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